Feb 7, 2008

Windows cannot find 'internet'

This welcoming message marked my re-entry into the wonderful world of computing a la Microsoft. A very thoughtful world, actually, from the computer's point of view: why make the computer work for the user when it's easier for the user to work for the computer?

I don't have a prejudice against Microsoft or its products. I keep an open mind and maintain good faith. But it's the 21st century: no operating system should allow a pop up window to tell a user that the 'internet' cannot be found. This is bad design.

In my case, the pop up appeared after I typed "internet" in the Start > Run command line. I was hoping to launch Internet Explorer that way. No luck. In order to do so from the command line, you need to type the entire name of the actual executable: iexplore.

Don't type "iexplorer". Windows cannot find that either.

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